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Experience and Knowledge Key for Angola

Angola Indiana is on the move! Our community has made some great improvements, but we need to capitalize on our success to continue the growth our citizens and businesses need. Angola is a unique community with complexities and advantages that require a broad base of knowledge to efficiently continue our growth.

Dave Martin has over 30 years of leadership experience in our community. He has served on the City Council, Angola Board of Zoning Appeals, Angola Plan Commission, Budget and Services Committee, and the Board of Works. No one can match Dave Martin's experience. This is why Dave is running for mayor of Angola. He is a lifelong resident of this beautiful community and wants it to succeed!

Angola Need Experienced Leadership

Help Angola stay on track by voting for Dave Martin in the Republican primary on Tuesday, May 2, 2023

We need your support! Click the button below to make a donation to The Committee to Elect Dave Martin Mayor of Angola. All donations help!

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