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Dave Martin Focuses on Economic Growth in Angola

Updated: Oct 2

In a recent article from The Herald Republican, Dave Martin and the the Angola Common Council voted to terminate an agreement with Angola First Development, which will pay the city $455,000. The city of Angola had the first right of refusal to purchase the Angola Gardens mobile home park. Dave Martin said, “We’re in the city government business, we’re not in the rental or mobile home park business.” Instead, the city is focused on marketing real estate or economic development for other uses.

The land in question is owned by Angola First Development, but the city invested in the infrastructure to make it a commercial and industrial park. According to Martin, the infrastructure has attracted other industries, such as a Wingate by Wyndham hotel and Bill’s Towing buildings. The city is currently seeking to attract more activities in the area, particularly commercial and industrial businesses, including food business, high tech, medical, and other industries that will bring more jobs into the community. Martin noted that there is a lot of vacant land in the area that can be developed, and the infrastructure put in under the public-private partnership makes it easier for developers to build on that land.

As Angola looks to the future, it will be important to have leaders who prioritize economic development and job creation. Dave Martin, as a member of the Angola Common Council, has shown a commitment to attracting businesses and creating jobs in the community. His focus on real estate and economic development is exactly what the city needs to thrive in the years to come. Experience matters, and Dave Martin has been serving Angola for more than 30 years. Vote Dave Martin on November 7th.

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